Got a Moment? Take a Grounding Moment

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

So often, we move through our day on autopilot. We might know that we are stressed and overwhelmed but we just keep going. It’s not until we get home at the end of the day with a headache, sore muscles, or completely exhausted that we fully recognize how our body was impacted. It can be beneficial to take a few moments throughout our day to pause and fully notice what’s going on.

Our body produces symptoms and sensations to communicate what’s going on inside. Increased awareness of your body sensations can help you to catch early warning signs before they get out of hand. Tight jaw? Catch it early and you may be able to avoid or decrease the severity of a headache. When we are present, our brains work a lot better, which makes going to work and completing that nagging To-Do List much more manageable. Check out the infographic below for quick ideas about how to include grounding moments throughout your day!